How to Perform Self Hypnosis

Are you interested in self hypnosis? If so, discover the step-by-step instructions on how to perform self hypnosis and hypnotize yourself.

How To Self Hypnosis

Firstly, if you're new to hypnosis, a very good way to start learning how to hypnotize yourself is to take a look at the hundreds of hypnosis downloads available online.

You can also buy CDs, if you prefer. Either way, listening to a soothing voice repeating appropriate suggestions will induce a state of total relaxation faster, and help you achieve the results you desire by effecting a change in your subconscious mind.

Do-it-yourself hypnosis is another way for you to use the power of self suggestions to control your mind.

Self hypnosis is really a skill you can develop through repetition, learning to achieve total relaxation, and the use of constant self-affirmations.

You can deal with emotional issues like relationships, or improve your skill at stress management – all through by learning how to hypnotize yourself.

Steps To Perform Self Hypnosis

  1. First, decide what you wish to accomplish with this session of self hypnosis. For example, you may plan to give yourself autosuggestions that will increase your self-confidence and poise for an upcoming presentation or interview. Create one or two positive sentences toward this end, making sure to frame them in the present tense: “I am gracious, charismatic and confident of my success” might be one possibility.

  2. Writing out your suggestions before performing the hypnosis can be very effective, as a visual list of what you choose to work on can sometimes be more easily remembered than even carefully assembled thoughts.

  3. Next, choose a quiet, private place to perform your self hypnosis. Plan at least half an hour without interruption.

  4. Sit in a comfortable chair. You may prefer a chair whose back is high enough so that you can lean back comfortably against it. Sitting is preferable to lying down, unless your goal is to fall asleep.

  5. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Tell yourself to relax completely. One way to assist the process of full relaxation is to tighten your muscles, hold for about four seconds, and then relax them fully. Relax each part of your body, beginning with your face, your neck, your shoulders, etc.

  6. Now imagine yourself in an elevator, going slowly down, floor by floor. Count silently as you reach each floor: Ten, Nine, Eight....

  7. When you reach One, the door of the elevator will open, and you will find yourself in a room. Tell yourself that you will find whatever you need in that room. Begin your self suggestions at this point. You may simply picture yourself doing, or being, or experiencing, whatever is your goal for this session.

  8. Continue to breathe deeply and evenly as you repeat these suggestions. You may even wish to say them out loud a couple of times.

  9. When you feel ready, imagine yourself entering the elevator again, and its door closing behind you. This time count up, as the elevator moves slowly upward: One, Two, Three, etc.

  10. When you reach Ten, you will open your eyes slowly. You control your mind during this process, and your constant self-affirmations have a powerful effect for change on your subconscious mind.

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