How to Stop Negative Thinking - 5 Tips

Do negative thoughts always cloud your mind? Have you ever wondered why do you feel this way? Is it possible to stop negative thinking?

Why People Have Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts & Expression

People who have constant negative thoughts are known as pessimists. Pessimists typically perceive the world with a negative state of mind, especially in situations related to past, current or future events.

The most common way to gauge whether you are a pessimist is to answer the following question, "Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty? Pessimism is associated with people who answer the glass is half empty".

Pessimists negatively perceive the world as it is due to their emotions, feelings and actions. It is a state of mind which a person chooses to be in. To put it simply, it is how a person chooses to perceive the world.

There could be many reasons for a person to choose that train of thought. It could be due past trauma, a bad childhood, a horrible experience, etc. It is important to understand that people who have negative thoughts have them because they choose to.

How Negative Thoughts Affect A Individual Personally and Socially

Think about the last time you spoke to a negative person and the painful feeling of being in the company of a doomsayer. Nothing positive ever comes out of the person’s mouth and everything is doom and gloom. Would you ever want to be in the same room as the pessimist again?

Or worse still, are you that pessimist?

The sad truth of negativity is that it is extremely viral and it can spread. It takes just one negative comment to ruin a person’s day. People know this and tend to avoid pessimists which will definitely negatively affect a pessimist personal and social life.

So how do you stop negative thinking?

How To Stop Negative Thinking

5 Tips to Stop Negative Thinking

1) Stop Digging

Remember the old saying; if you find yourself digging a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging. Start by mentally conditioning or reminding yourself to stop thing negative thoughts or making negative comments comments to other people. You have to realize that negativity is unneeded and unwanted. Start by conditioning yourself to stop thinking, saying and doing anything negative.

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2) Make a Choice: Choose to Believe “The Glass is Half Full”

Convince yourself that the glass is half full and start to see the positive side of things. Have a constant awareness on how negativity is damaging and start by viewing the world in a positive light.

Remember that our perception can change the way how things are, and how they are going to be.

3) If Things Go Wrong, Take Responsibility

At times, things do not go well and we find ourselves stuck in an endless vicious cycle, where we revert back to our old negative self. We either blame ourselves for it or we push the blame to other people.

There is a difference between saying it is my fault and accepting that it is my fault. The former is simply admitting the fault while the later takes responsibility for the fault.

To break out of the negative mindset, you have to accept that at times, bad things do happen. Instead of blaming other or ourselves, accept the responsibility that you can change the event into something positive.

4) Spread the Positivity

Once you have firmly grounded yourself by changing your negative thoughts and perception, it is then important to spread the positivity around. Start small by giving compliments on a person’s new hairdo or making positive remarks on a colleague’s work. Very soon, the positivity will start to spread and in such an environment it is very difficult for negativity to creep back in.

5) Start Today

Remember that today is the best time to stop thinking negative thoughts and start being positive. Only by believing in being positive can you counter the negativity that has been affecting your thoughts. In time, and through awareness, you unconsciously stop negative thinking. By then, it will become a positive way of life for you.

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